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Conoce a la Junta

Superintendente de Midkota

Jeff Larson

Sr. Jeff Larson

Superintendente Finley-Sharon

Kevin Beaudoin

Sr. Kevin Rogers

Superintendente de Hatton Eielson

Derek Simonsen

Sr. Derek Simonsen

Superintendente de GCC

Paula Suda

Sra. Paula Suda

Superintendente de Hillsboro

GST Office Staff

No Image Available

Nicole Reybok

Special Education Director

No Image Available

Casey Strand

Occupational Therapist

No Image Available

Karen Eliason

Business Manager

No Image Available

Dawn Paulsrud

Assessment Team

No Image Available

Taunja Olson


No Image Available

Paula Peterson

Speech-Language Pathologist

No Image Available

Bobbie Jo Uglem


No Image Available

Susan Verwest

Special Education Coordinator

Shane Azure

Sr. Shane Azure

Superintendente de Northwood

No Image Available
Michael Bradner

Sr. Michael Bradner

Superintendente de MPCG

Jeremey Brandt

Sr. Jeremy Brandt

Superintendente del Valle Central

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